Established in 2007, Empire Unistar specializes in providing total solution in hospitality industry throughout the United States - janitorial, maintenance and staffing service. Currently, Empire Unistar services throughout the U.S. 14 states from Miami, Florida to Maui, Hawaii. 

Our core value is delivering "consistent high-quality" service with cost-effectiveness. By delivering exceptional results, we were able to grow remarkably in a short period time. We don't have a salesman. Our clients come by only referral. 


Empire Unistar satisfies clients with utmost sincerity and hands-on, individualized attention, qualities that set us apart and make us a trustworthy company.

Empire Unistar at a glance



With a solid foundation, Empire Unistar has proven expertise for challenging full range of hospitality solution with smarter way.


Empire Unistar has not only worked with many of the country's high-end hotels and resorts. We have also diversified our portfolio by providing services to major movie productions.